Moving Teams Over the Break

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Coordinators and Coaches,

Over the 2 week winter break, we will be evaluating teams to see if they should be moved up or down a level depending on their performance in the first three weeks of the season.  During this time all game change notifications will be turned off so all coaches and coordinators should check their schedules once we turn them back on and are finished with our work (an email will be sent out and the front page of the web site will be updated when this happens.)

Please note the following criteria we follow when moving teams and know that this only happens to a handful of teams.

  1. We only consider moving teams that are dominating or being dominated.  We also take into consideration the quality of competition they have played.
  2. In order to move a team up, there needs to be a team to move down in that same age group.  (e.g. if a team needs to move from athletic C to athletic B, there needs to be an athletic B team that should be moved down to athletic C).  We do this to minimize the amount of schedule changes for teams playing the teams moving.
  3. We cannot move a team from a 20 game schedule to a 10 game schedule or visa versa.
  4. If we are unable to move teams up or down that probably need to be, we will look at their opponents and try to get them more games against opponents that are in the bottom half of the standings.
  5. We have a limited amount of time to make these changes as we also will be spending time with our families during the holiday break, therefore, we will concentrate our efforts on 3rd-6th grade divisions.

We will be in touch when all changes have been made.

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