October 30th Update: We have locked in our 2nd-6th grade teams for those wishing to start league play in December (7th-12th have until 11/10 for a December start). This weekend we will be finalizing divisions and pods. When we do this, teams will show up on the Standings page and coaches will receive emails about their accounts. We will then begin the scheduling process for December games only. This schedule will be available for coordinator review in mid-November. Teams wishing to start in January should register by November 28th. The January and February league schedule will be available for coordinator review in mid-December. Thanks!

We will continue to rely on guidance from the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and local school districts on precautions that must be taken in order to run our league in the safest manner possible. Our COVID-19 operating guidelines have been approved by the departments of health in all counties that we operate in and we stand ready to help our member communities. We understand that with such a large and diverse league that there are a variety of opinions and thoughts on COVID-19 and steps that must be taken to minimize exposure to it. However, we must come together for the common good and abide by guidelines that have been well thought out by the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and the local school districts where your children attend school. The viability and success of the league will depend on it for this season.

Important Info


  • 2nd-12th grade teams
  • 10 game rec schedules
  • 20 game athletic schedules
  • 20 game rec/high rec option
  • Rec, High-Rec, Athletic
  • Rec teams grouped by location
  • Athletic A/B/C divisions
  • League schedules all games
  • League manages/assigns refs
  • Games at member gyms
  • Preseason Shootout
  • Post-season tournament
  • The coach of the winning team (scores are not reported for 2nd grade games) is responsible for reporting the score of the game within 48 hours of the game being played.  Coaches can access score reporting from several places:
  • Report Scores menu option on the Portals->Coach menu
  • Report Score box in upper right corner of Coach Portal
  • My Team Schedule section of Coach Portal
  • Subscribe to Score Reporting Notifications and receive email with link on game day

  • ALL parents/guardians must fill out the CPYBL Liability Waiver form for each of their children. Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted. Players who participate in a league game without a signed waiver, will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season per league rules.

    Liability Waiver Form

    Please take a moment to read the League Rules as well as the Codes of Conduct that are used to govern the league.

    League Rules

    Coach Codes of Conduct

    Officials Codes of Conduct

    Parent/Spectator Codes of Conduct

    Player Codes of Conduct

    Click on the button below to view information about tournaments that are being hosted by CPYBL members or to learn how to contact the league with information about your tournament if you are a member.

    Member Tournaments

    Coach Accounts

    We are getting alot of email about Coach Accounts. First, your coach account will not be created until we approve your team.  This will not happen until early November for teams starting in December or until early December for teams starting in January

    If you are a coach and have a question about your account, PLEASE go to the Coach page and try to do some investigation yourself before emailing the league. Only head coaches are granted coach accounts and it is based on the email address assigned to your team by your coordinator. Also, several of you are asking why you can't find the Coach Portal.  The Portals menu at the top of the web site does not show up unless you are logged into your account with coach or coordinator level privileges.  Makes sense right?  We don't expose menu options to just anybody, you need to be logged into your account that has those options first.  Thanks!

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    CPYBL Preseason Shootout Nov 14-15

    The CPYBL Preseason Shootout will take place in area gyms on Saturday, November 14th and Sunday, November 15th. Member organization may register their teams for the Preseason Shootout while registering them for regular season play. Individual teams (CPYBL or non-CPYBL) teams may registering by emailing [email protected] and can pay their registration fee online.

    View Teams Registered for Shootout  Pay Fees Online

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    League Timeline Update (9/28/20)

    An email was sent out to all coordinators today with the following proposed dates for the upcoming season.  We will offer three weeks of league play in December for those organizations that wish to start at that time.  For everyone else, we will start the second weekend in January. (due to demand, we will start 7th-12th in December for those that are able) For teams starting in December we will try to schedule a typical number of games for the season (10 for rec/high-rec and 20 for athletic) and for those starting in January (8 for rec/high-rec and 14-16 for athletic).  This is highly dependent on the amount of gym time available.

    Please reach out with any questions you might have.

    Key Dates – December Start League

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    Informational Pages

    If you would like to learn more about the CPYBL, feel free to access any of our informational pages which contain information about our league from the perspective of a coordinator, coach, and parent.  Parents, can also fill out their liability waivers right here.

    Parents Page       Coaches Page       Coordinators Page        Liablity Waiver

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    About Us

    The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League is re-inventing youth sports leagues. We partner with our member organizations to ensure the best possible basketball experience for the youth of our communities and their families as well as our volunteer coaches. The CPYBL is committed to bringing a positive league experience to all of our members and are always looking to improve our operations based on the suggestions of our active membership. Please enjoy our expanded web experience by creating an account on our web site or by following us on Twitter @CPYBL