CPYBL Preseason Shootout

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The schedule has been updated as of 3:15pm on 11/9 due to a community pulling gym time.  Please check your schedules! You can view the schedule for individual teams by clicking the Schedule button below OR look at the schedule for an entire gym by  going to the Schedule menu on the top of the web site.  Teams will play 3 round robin games this weekend (please note in pools with an uneven number of teams, one team will play 4 games).  Remember this is a scrimmage, scores are not reported, and prizes are not awarded.  This is an opportunity to get some work in before the season starts.  If you don't see your team, listed, please let us know.

Due to issues we had last year with no shows, any team that does not show for a Preseason Tournament game will not be eligible to play in the Postseason Tournament.

Schedule  Pay Tournament Team Fee

Please read below reminders about the Preseason Shootout as well as playing rules:

  1. $50 fee payable to the league includes 3 games.  We are asking that coaches pay referees fees of $15 a game this year directly to the referees before the game (each coach pays one referee).  Total cost is $95.
  2. 3 game round robin
  3. Organizations registering and paying for teams will be invoiced and can pay by check, individual teams must pay online.

Playing Rules

  1. Two 14 minute running clock halves with stop and go in the last minute of the 2nd half only
  2. Three timeouts per game
  3. No pressing
  4. Man-to-man defense only
  5. Ref fees are $15 per ref per game (each coach please pay one referee $15).  They are donating over 50% of their regular fee so please thank them.
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