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2020-21 League Guidelines for COVID-19


The pandemic has certainly presented us with unprecedented challenges and some uncertainty on league operations.  First and foremost, we will follow the guidelines and mandates from the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and our respective health departments and school districts.  As we await clarity on the guidelines, this document lists the CPYBL guidelines for the 2020-21 season.  Understand these are designed to work in conjunction with or are subject to change by being enhanced or by being eliminated by the guidelines of the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, and our respective school districts and health departments.  Everyone should review the orders and receive updates by visiting the Ohio Health Department's web site.

All guidelines listed in this document are designed to protect the safety of the players, coaches, parents, referees, and volunteers.  By registering teams in the CPYBL, communities are agreeing to comply with the guidelines listed in this document.  Compliance is strictly mandatory.  Failure to follow the guidelines will result in sanctions up to expulsion from the league. 

Health and Safety Guidelines

  1. Any player, coach, parent, referee, or volunteer that is feeling ill is not permitted to attend any CPYBL matches
  2. Parents and Coaches must report to their community basketball organization, their school district and their local health department immediately, if a child contracts Covid-19
  3. Any player that has symptoms of Covid-19 or any other illness is not permitted to participate in or attend a practice, game, tournament, or any other CPYBL event until after two weeks of quarantine after symptoms have stopped.  It is up to each community organization to manage this process.
  4. Each community in conjunction their local health department will determine if a team needs to be quarantined, in the event of a player(s) becoming ill. 
  5. Only two adults will be allowed to attend a game per player.
  6. The adults MUST enter the gym with the player.  If they cannot, they will not be admitted to the game.
  7. An adult is defined as someone 25 years or older.
  8. Everyone entering the gym is required to wear a face covering and follow social distancing guidelines at all times.   Anyone not wearing a face covering will not be allowed in the gym.  Anyone who removes their face covering will be required to leave the facility immediately.  Players can remove their mask for warmups and the game.
  9. No drinks or food of any kind are allowed in the gym by fans.  This will eliminate the need to remove the mask while consuming the food or beverage.  Fans can go outside the facility to eat or drink. 
  10. Only the two teams participating in a game are allowed in the gym.  The teams playing the next game need to wait outside of the facility until the Gym Monitor gives the approval for the next two teams to enter.
  11. Fans, coaches, and players must exit the building immediately after the conclusion of their match.  Postgame talks must occur outside of the building and must be socially distanced. 
  12. Temperature checks are recommended for anyone who enters the gym.  

Facility Guidelines

  1. Each organization hosting games at their gym or at a third-party gym are required to have at least one Gym Monitor in attendance for all games. The League strongly encourages each community organization to have two Gym Monitors.
  2. Failure to have a gym monitor(s) will result in immediate cancellation of the game and removal of the teams, fans, and coaches from the facility.  No games will occur nor will anyone be permitted in the facility until trained gym monitors arrive.  If a game is cancelled, the home team will be issued a forfeit and is responsible for the forfeit fee.  The league reserves the right to remove any and all games from a community for failure to provide gym monitors.
  3. The League is encouraging all organizations to keep their concessions closed for this season. If you chose to have a concession, only sealed items may be served.  Anything cooked or not in a vacuum sealed container is prohibited.  All workers at a concession stand must wear face covering and gloves at all times. Please remember no food or drink will be allowed in the gym.
  4. Admission workers are required to wear a mask and gloves at all times.  Social distancing must be maintained while collecting admission. 
  5. All fans of different households must sit at least six feet apart at all times.
  6. All fans are not permitted to touch or go within six feet of any player (other than their child), official, the Gym Monitor, league official, or any other volunteer.

Game Play Guidelines

  1. The start time of each match will be gapped from the previous game by 15 minutes. This will allow for the gym to be cleared and allow time for appropriate cleaning, as defined in the Ohio Requirements to be completed. 
  2. To help facilitate the “gap”, the pregame warm up will only be two minutes, halftime will be only two minutes, and there will only be three time-outs allowed for the game. 
  3. Holding and shaking hands with opposing teams before, during or after matches is prohibited.
  4. The Pregame huddle will be done at half court and the refs and the coaches must be at least 6 ft apart.
  5. No one will be permitted to approach the officials after the game for any reason. 

Consequences for noncompliance

The league will impose a zero-tolerance policy for violations of the Covid-19 Guidelines for the CPYBL, the State of Ohio, the OHSAA, or the local School Districts, where are games are played.  To be clear, there will be no debate or gray area.  For example, if any parent who allows their child to play and they are sick or exhibit any symptom, the entire family will be expelled from the league for the remainder of the season.  If any community, team, coach, or parent cannot comply, they should refrain from participating this season. 

Again, the above CPYBL Guidelines are subject to change at any time to comply with the current guidelines of the State of Ohio, OHSAA, local health departments or local school districts.


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