BEST OF LUCK TO ALL TEAMS THIS WEEKEND!!!! Remember, good sportsmanship should be what all players, parents, and coaches strive for. Set a great example for your kids! The winning coach is responsible for reporting the game score within 48 hours of the game. Sign up for score reporting notifications if you have a coach account and an email will be sent to you during your game with a link to the score reporting page!! We have extended the deadline to December 10th for having Liability Waivers completed and rosters submitted.

Liability Waiver

NEW this year is the Liability Waiver. Each player MUST have a Liability Waiver form filled out for them by their parent or guardian. This waiver is now avialable and can be accessed by clicking on the "Waiver Form" button below. When filling out the waiver, you must choose the correct team for your child and spell your child's first/last name as it would appear on the team roster. If your team is not yet available on the waiver form, please check back later. YOU MUST CHOOSE THE CORRECT TEAM FOR YOUR CHILD.

December 5th Clarification: IF a parent has filled out the Liability Waiver with the correct information about their child, they DO NOT need to fill out another waiver. We provide tools to coaches and coordinators and try to matchup waivers to roster entries based on team name, player first name, and player last name. If these 3 items don't match, then coordinators have the tools to research who actually has not filled out a waiver versus who filled out a waiver but spelled the first or last name different than the roster entry.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have filled out the form in error (incorrect team chosen or incorrect name of child), please fill out another form!

Waiver Form

Coach Accounts

All coaches whose coordinator has submitted an email for their should have an account on our web site. Coaches that had existing account from last year will simply have their account updated with team information. Both new coaches and coaches that have existing accounts from last year will be sent an email welcoming them to the season with information about how to use their Coach Portal which is available from the Coach menu option on the Portals menu. You can view your team schedule, roster (after your coordinator has submitted it to the league), and other useful information. You can also log your game scores from your portal.

Please note that if you are certain that your coordinator registered your team with a valid email address and you have not receive an email from the league, please go to and request a new password based on the email address you feel your coordinator used to register your team. The system will let you know if an account was created for this email and if so, will send you a link to reset the password.

Score Reporting

Coaches, league play starts this week. There are several ways for the winning coach to log their game score.

  1. Subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification and receive an email during your game with a link to the report score form.
  2. Login to your Coach Portal and find games that need scores logged in the upper right hand corner of your portal
  3. Login to your Coach Portal and log or edit your game scores from your team schedule
  4. Your coordinator also has the ability to log your game scores if you are having difficulties

Please note that you must have an account with coach level access in order to access a Coach Portal or subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification. Accounts were created for all coaches. Game scores can be edited up to 14 days after your game in case they have been reported incorrectly. If you are the coach of the losing team and the score has not been logged after 3 days, please help us out and log the score yourself. Thanks!


Important Info


Sep 15 New Member Deadline

Sep 15 Team Registration Open

Oct 15 Gym Availability Due

Oct 25 2nd-6th Registrations Due

Nov 12-13 Pre-Season Tourney

Nov 15 7th-12th Registrations Due

Nov 23 Schedules Published

Dec 2 Opening Weekend

Dec 10 Rosters and Waivers Due

Dec 19-Jan 5 Winter Break

Feb 23-26 Post-Season Tourney

  1. 2nd-12th grade teams
  2. 10 game Rec/High-Rec divisions
  3. Rec teams grouped by location
  4. NEW 20 game Athletic C division
  5. 20 game Athletic A/B divisions
  6. League schedules all games
  7. League manages/assigns refs
  8. Games played at member gyms
  9. Optional pre-season tournament
  10. Post-season tournament
  11. $75 (10 games) or $140 (20 games)

ALL parents/guardians must fill out the CPYBL Liability Waiver form for each of their children. During the submission process, you may enter your email address if you'd like a copy of the form emailed to you for your records. In addition, after submitting the form, you may choose to print it out for your own records.

Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted. Submissions for the 2016-2017 school year are now being accepted. PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT TEAM WHEN SUBMITTING WAIVER!

Liability Waiver Form

Please take a moment to read the League Rules as well as the Codes of Conduct that are used to govern the league.

2016-2017 Rules(10/10 UPDATE)

Coach Codes of Conduct

Officials Codes of Conduct

Parent Codes of Conduct

Player Codes of Conduct

 Community Player Release Waiver



Coordinators, please use our web site to advertise your basketball tournaments. We have a page dedicated to your tournaments.

Tournament Page

About Us

The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League is re-inventing youth sports leagues. We partner with our member organizations to ensure the best possible basketball experience for the youth of our communities and their families as well as our volunteer coaches. The CPYBL is committed to bringing a positive league experience to all of our members. We are a progressive league that is always looking to improve our operations based on the suggestions of our active membership. Please enjoy our expanded web experience by creating an account on our web site or by following us on Twitter @CPYBL


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