Gym closings for Saturday

  • Salem Elementary M Gym (4pm and 5pm games only)
  • Game Reschedules

    We are implementing a new policy regarding timing of game reschedules.  All game reschedules need to be submitted to the league by midnight on Wednesday nights for games taking place that weekend.  Our referee assignor needs time to manage this. Thanks!

    A reminder that game reschedules are worked by coordinators and submitted to the league for approval. When rescheduling games, please make them adjacent to an existing set of games at your gym or if that is not possible, please reschedule two or more games back-to-back. While not ideal, we will be able to get referees for weekday games if that is the only time available for your parish/school to host a game. Monday and Wednesday nights are preferable for our referees and please schedule 2 or more games together.


    Inclement Weather Information

    Now that winter is upon us, please read the following information regarding how gym closures will be determined and how they will be communicated to coaches, players, and their families. In regards to this weekend specifically, the forecast is varies greatly over different areas in our league. As always, please be careful and allow extra time to get to your games.

    Coordinators, if you plan on cancelling games at your facility, we ask that you do so at least 90 minutes before tip-off (if possible) to give everyone (players, parents, coaches, and referees) adequate lead time. You can cancel games at your gyms by emailing, text messaging or calling Doug or Ben if you would like the league to cancel the game. Games at third party locations such as SportsPlus, would be cancelled by that third party location who in turn notifies the league. If you have games scheduled at SportsPlus, please note that they do not often shutdown their facility.

    The first important piece of information to remember is that our member organizations make the decisions regarding whether or not games will be played at their gymnasiums. This is not a league decision, it is a member organization decision with the exception of some very rare cases (think blizzard) which we hopefully won't have this year! We have provided tools to organization coordinators as well as to coaches, players, and their families to help speed up the decision making and notification process so that everyone can be made aware of a game postponement as early as possible and can plan the rest of their day and not find out a game is being cancelled while they are driving to the game. Please note that the term "postponed" indicates that the game will not be played at the current time and location listed for that game but that it may be rescheduled for a future date. If a game is marked as "cancelled", that indicates that the game will not be played and will not be rescheduled.

    As a coach or family member of a player, you can find out about a game postponement or cancellation in the following ways:

    1. Create an account on our web site and subscribe to game status change notifications. An account can be created by clicking on the Register link above our logo. When registering for an account, you can choose to subscribe to a team or teams and also choose to receive certain types of notifications about that team. When a game is postponed, cancelled, or the location or time of the game is changed, you will receive either a text message or an email based on your settings. Text messages are almost instantaneous after the change has been made while emails can lag a bit depending on your service provider. If you signup for a text message notification, make sure you include your cell phone number (include area code) when filling out your account information
    2. Go to our web site. When a gym is closed for the entire day, a message will appear on the front page of the web site indicating that the gym is closed. If you are scheduled to play a game at that gym that day, you will then know that the game has been postponed
    3. Follow us on Twitter @cpybl . If we can keep up with them, we will tweet out individual gym closings AND would certainly tweet if all games are cancelled across the league due to inclement weather.
    4. Look at your team schedule on our web site.. If an organization closes a gym for an entire day via our web site, this will automatically set the status of all games scheduled at that gym to "postponed". If only a handful of games are postponed on a given day, then your schedule won't be updated in real time but might lag a few hours as we manually update game statuses.

    Fan Behavior - Letter from OHSAA

    All parents and coaches should take a moment to read this letter that the OHSAA recently sent to all high schools in the state of Ohio regarding fan behavior at OHSAA-sponsored sporting events. It is a stark reminder the direction fan behavior is heading and how it might affect the ability for children to play in organized sports in the future.

    OHSAA Fan Behavior Letter

    January Coordinator Meeting

    Our next coordinator meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 23rd at 7pm at the Evendale Recreation Center.  We will be discussing the season-ending tournament (an email will be sent out next week to coordinators with timelines and more information) as well as a few rules changes and general discussion topics.


    Informational Pages

    If you would like to learn more about the CPYBL, feel free to access any of our informational pages which contain information about our league from the perspective of a coordinator, coach, and parent.  Parents, can also fill out their liability waivers right here.

    Parents Page       Coaches Page       Coordinators Page        Liablity Waiver


    Important Info


    Sep 15 New Member Deadline

    Sep 17 Team Registration Open

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    Oct 24 2nd-6th Rec Registrations Due

    Nov 10-11 Pre-Season Tourney

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    Nov 21 Schedules Available

    Nov 26 Rosters and Waivers Due

    Nov 30 Opening Weekend

    Dec 17-Jan 3 Winter Break

    Feb 14-17 7th-12th Tournament

    Feb 21-24 3rd-6th Tournament

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  • ALL parents/guardians must fill out the CPYBL Liability Waiver form for each of their children. Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted. Waivers for the 2018-2019 season can be submitted starting on August 1st.

    Liability Waiver Form

    Please take a moment to read the League Rules as well as the Codes of Conduct that are used to govern the league. All documents have been updated for the 2018-19 season. Rules updated on 1/9/19.

    League Rules

    Coach Codes of Conduct

    Officials Codes of Conduct

    Parent/Spectator Codes of Conduct

    Player Codes of Conduct

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    About Us

    The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League is re-inventing youth sports leagues. We partner with our member organizations to ensure the best possible basketball experience for the youth of our communities and their families as well as our volunteer coaches. The CPYBL is committed to bringing a positive league experience to all of our members. We are a progressive league that is always looking to improve our operations based on the suggestions of our active membership. Please enjoy our expanded web experience by creating an account on our web site or by following us on Twitter @CPYBL