ALL GAMES SCHEDULED TO BE PLAYED AT SPORTSPLUS ON THURSDAY WILL BE MOVED. THEY PULLED GYM TIME FROM US THIS AFTERNOON (2/20). We will be contacting all teams individually as we come up with alternative sites. Teams should continue to plan on playing on Thursday evening at a different site. Game schedules and physical brackets will be updated as soon as we have firm information to pass along.

UPDATES: 2/16 Changes were made at noon today to the 6th Girls High-Rec A and B brackets. Please check your schedule!

Tournament Information

The post-season tournament schedule is now available! (as of 2/15 9pm).  You can access the schedule below or there is a new Tournament option on the Schedule menu.  Please note that all brackets, seeds, and schedules are final.  Follow us on Twitter (@cpybl) as we will be tweeting tournament updates as well as all bracket champions and runners up.

Schedule by Bracket Schedule by Gym


  1. All tournaments are single elimination
  2. Due to repeated violations and non-adherence to league policies, a few organizations were not invited to participate in the season-ending tournament
  3. 1st and 2nd place teams will receive individual player medals
  4. Teams will be assigned to brackets and seeded based on regular season record at 2/13 at 12pm. The main factor in seeding is record, but we also use a strength of schedule calculation to help. This is not an exact science so please be respectful of our decisions. Nobody is out to get your team.  Regardless of seed, you have to win out to win your bracket championship.
  5. Some games will be played on Thursdays. They will only be scheduled from 6pm-9pm. 3rd and 4th graders will not play 8pm games on Thursday. Friday games may be scheduled from 6pm-10pm.
  6. Teams are not necessarily playing in the same bracket they did during the regular season.  Athletic divisions were split across more brackets than existed during the regular season.  Low-performing high-rec teams may have been moved down to rec brackets and visa versa.  In other words, we did the best we could to place teams into brackets where they could be competitive.


  1. Admission is same as during regular season
  2. Admission may be charged once per day per person per site
  3. You must provide a clock operator and gym supervisor
  4. Please have someone available to hand out medals after championship games


  1. Please behave in a manner becoming of a youth leader
  2. Teams are responsible for paying referees the same as during the regular season
  3. Any use of non-rostered players will result in your team's dismissal from the tournament.  Please verify your on-line roster is correct.
  4. Please adhere to playing time requirements.  Teams found to be in violation of the requirement, will be dismissed from the tournament.
  5. Winning coach should report game score immediately following game
  6. Coaches that approach referees after the game to air grievances will be subject to up to a half-season suspension for next year.  DON'T DO IT!


  1. This is youth basketball, please behave in an appropriate manner
  2. Cheer on your kids and be respecful of coaches and referees
  3. Fans that violate codes of conduct during the tournament will be subject to up to a half-season suspension for next year!


Please note that all coaches will receive an email during their game with a link to the score reporting form. The winning coach should log the game score as soon as possible after the completion of their game. This will auto-advance their team on the schedule. Champions and runners-up in each bracket will receive medals which gym supervisors will hand out at the end of the championship game. Please note that these are for players only!

Important Info


Sep 15 New Member Deadline

Sep 15 Team Registration Open

Oct 15 Gym Availability Due

Oct 25 2nd-6th Registrations Due

Nov 12-13 Pre-Season Tourney

Nov 15 7th-12th Registrations Due

Nov 23 Schedules Published

Dec 2 Opening Weekend

Dec 10 Rosters and Waivers Due

Dec 19-Jan 5 Winter Break

Feb 23-26 Post-Season Tourney

  1. 2nd-12th grade teams
  2. 10 game Rec/High-Rec divisions
  3. Rec teams grouped by location
  4. NEW 20 game Athletic C division
  5. 20 game Athletic A/B divisions
  6. League schedules all games
  7. League manages/assigns refs
  8. Games played at member gyms
  9. Optional pre-season tournament
  10. Post-season tournament
  11. $75 (10 games) or $140 (20 games)

ALL parents/guardians must fill out the CPYBL Liability Waiver form for each of their children. During the submission process, you may enter your email address if you'd like a copy of the form emailed to you for your records. In addition, after submitting the form, you may choose to print it out for your own records.

Players will not be allowed to participate in league games until the waiver has been submitted. Submissions for the 2016-2017 school year are now being accepted. PLEASE CHOOSE THE CORRECT TEAM WHEN SUBMITTING WAIVER!

Liability Waiver Form

Please take a moment to read the League Rules as well as the Codes of Conduct that are used to govern the league.

2016-2017 Rules

Coach Codes of Conduct

Officials Codes of Conduct

Parent Codes of Conduct

Player Codes of Conduct

 Community Player Release Waiver

About Us

The Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League is re-inventing youth sports leagues. We partner with our member organizations to ensure the best possible basketball experience for the youth of our communities and their families as well as our volunteer coaches. The CPYBL is committed to bringing a positive league experience to all of our members. We are a progressive league that is always looking to improve our operations based on the suggestions of our active membership. Please enjoy our expanded web experience by creating an account on our web site or by following us on Twitter @CPYBL


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