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Registration is now open for the CPYBL Open League!  We will be offering open divisions for 3rd-12th grade girls and boys for the 2018-19 season.  These divisions are meant for teams that want to build their rosters a bit differently than members of our standard league. If you have played in different leagues in the past and are looking for a better overall experience, go ahead and register a team OR shoot us an email and let us know a bit about your team or your organization. Registration will remain open for the Open League until October 20th.  At that time we will evaluate the registrations to determine if we have enough teams for that grade.  Season timelines will be the same for the Open League as those for our standard league.

Here are some things to expect from our open divisions:

  1. A single open division will be offered per grade/gender (i.e. 6th Open Boys, 4th Open Girls)
  2. Open divisions are available for 3rd grade through high school
  3. 10 or 20 game option (10 game option is standard, 20 game option will be offered if the number of teams registered supports it)
  4. No roster requirements other than players must be in the same grade in school (kids can "play up")
  5. Open means open.  There will not be different skill levels in the open league.  Just a single division for each grade.
  6. Modified rules (TBD)
  7. We can secure gym time for you (at a nominal cost) if you don't have a home court
  8. Same great scheduling, referees, customer service as our standard divisions
  9. Kids can play on one team in our standard league AND one team in our open league if they want.  We will not schedule around conflicts between open league and standard league teams.
  10. If you are an existing member organization and want to register teams both in our standard league and the new open league, the open league registration process is a bit different.  Please register standard league teams the same as you have done in the past.

Email [email protected] with questions or if you are interested in being a part of our open league!

Organizations who also register teams in our standard league should register teams in open divisions by using the existing team registration process (please note that pricing shown for open division teams is for individual teams or organizations that are not a part of our standard league).  This new registration process is only for individual teams and new organizations that are only going to register teams in the open divisions.

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