Liability Waiver

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NEW this year is the Liability Waiver. Each player MUST have a Liability Waiver form filled out for them by their parent or guardian. This waiver is now available and can be accessed by clicking on the "Waiver Form" button below. When filling out the waiver, you must choose the correct team for your child and spell your child's first/last name as it would appear on the team roster.

So to review, the following fields on the Liability Waiver must match the information on the team roster. Don't choose CPYBL as your organization, you child plays for Wyoming or Sycamore or Oak Hills or ... You must choose the correct team from the drop down after you choose the correct organization.

  • Player First Name
  • Player Last Name
  • Player Team (please choose the correct organization for your player and then choose the correct team)
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have filled out the form in error (incorrect team chosen or incorrect name of child), please fill out another form!

    Waiver Form

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